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An ‘unBEElievable’ experience

Cisco Spaces: It’s ‘unBEElievable’!

Cisco Live is the premier destination where the best minds in IT come to learn and build communities. Cisco Spaces partnered with MD Services to ensure that visitors could also have a sustainable experience.

Turning buildings into smart spaces is what Cisco Spaces is all about, so it was no surprise that they wanted to be smart and use their presence at Cisco Live to create awareness of the ever-decreasing bee populations and the importance of taking action to improve their numbers.

MD Services helped Cisco Spaces turn this ‘unBEElievable’ idea into reality and meticulously orchestrated every aspect. From the customized Bee Revival Kits and Bee Hotels that were distributed during Cisco Live to the creation, development and execution of the ‘unBEElievable’ online experience through a campaign website, bee quiz and social media campaign.

Not only did Cisco Spaces, with the help of MD Services,  elevate their presence at Cisco Live by making a visit to their booth an ‘unBEElievable’ experience, they also literally helped save thousands of bees.