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About us

Your premier promotion partner!

We've got your business promotion covered.

We understand the challenges that come with promoting your brand, organizing successful events, and effectively marketing your products or services. We're on a mission to alleviate these complexities, allowing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind. We provide a total solution to meet all your promotional requirements.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring your total satisfaction. We value your goals, ideas, and vision, and take the time to truly listen and understand your unique needs. 

Whether you're seeking custom promotional products, a strategic merchandising approach, or end-to-end event planning and marketing support, rest assured that we have you fully covered!

Meet the team

Marton has a rich background in marketing and a deep passion for promoting businesses. He founded  MD Services over 20 years ago with a clear mission in mind – to provide comprehensive solutions for all business promotion needs.

Marton's entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience in the marketing industry has honed his strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Regardless of how complex a client's request may be, he firmly believes that there is always a solution. This unwavering belief and commitment to client satisfaction has been the driving force behind the company's success over the years.

Elaine is a major driving force behind the smooth operation of MD Services. A true multitasker with a can-do attitude and huge dose of positive energy. She thrives on challenges and is known for her remarkable problem-solving skills and attention to details. 

Elaine has an uncanny ability to tackle any task that comes her way, ensuring that deadlines are met and projects are completed successfully. We all have peace of mind when Elaine is on the job!

Peter has a deep understanding of digital solutions and is the forefront of MD Services’ technical design and development processes. His strength lies in his ability to bridge the gap between design and functionality. 

Peter collaborates closely with our creative team to translate their vision into practical and efficient technical solutions. By meticulously planning and architecting the back-end systems, he ensures that our digital products not only look stunning but also operate seamlessly together behind the scenes.

Ronald is MD Services’ creative genius who understands the power of visual communication and transforms ideas into captivating eye candy. With his creativity and commitment to maintaining brand integrity, he produces stunning designs that leave a lasting impact. 

Whether it's creating eye-catching logos, captivating marketing materials, or compelling online graphics, Ronald's creations are a testament to his creativity and attention to detail.

Cindy is passionate about creating the ultimate brand experience. As MD Services’ brand therapist she is dedicated to helping our clients establish and maintain strong connections with their target audience. 

She dives into a brand's DNA, embraces it and then employs her expertise to elevate the brand. The strategies and campaigns that Cindy develops are creative, results-driven and lead to remarkable brand experiences and foster long-term brand loyalty.