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Meaningful connections

Danone: signed, sealed & delivered

Danone Benelux recognizes that fostering meaningful connections among colleagues is essential for a healthy working environment. They approached MD Services to further facilitate colleague connections.

We took on the challenge and developed a Danone compliment card website that was designed specifically to empower employees to choose and send personalized greeting cards to their colleagues. A great way to start a wave of appreciation and to strengthen bonds.

With the Danone compliment card website MD Services transformed the act of sending a greeting card into an effortless and delightful experience with minimal impact on the organization’s time and resources. The user-friendly interface ensures that every employee can navigate the platform with ease. Each card can be made unique by adding personalized touches, such as inserting the recipient’s name and incorporating a personal message. Not only do we manage the orders, we also produce and send the ordered cards. We have sent a whopping 6000 cards to date!

The impact of this customized compliment card service extends beyond the moment of card exchange. It creates a sense of unity, appreciation, and camaraderie among the Danone employees, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.