MD Services organizes virtual business events

Due to the Corona crisis, many companies have made a (temporary) switch from working in the office to working from home. As a result, the online world has been forced to evaluate something that many saw as impossible. However, every situation has its pros and cons

Employees lack informal communication with their colleagues, and your customers for example organized company events. In view of this, MD Services offers a suitable and unique solution to all companies.

From webcasts and Facebook live streams to full virtual or hybrid events, MD Services and its partners take care it all, anytime, anywhere. On location, or in a virtual studio.
We help clients of almost all sizes set up live streams, webinars, webcasts, virtual and hybrid events. Furthermore, we are able to provide all communication and support it with suitable gadgets and campaign websites.

Recently we co-organized super events for Cisco Systems and Webex. In order to gain an impression, see the campaign websites that we developed: and Through close communication with our team, these “Happy Boxes” can be composed entirely according to your wishes. For hybrid events, these can be delivered to the staff’s home for an optimal experience.

Mutual communication between your employees is also extremely important in order for them to stay in touch. For this we recently set up a fun campaign in cooperation with Danone , where their employees were able to send physical greeting cards to their colleagues. Take a look at this campaign website for inspiration.

Have we made you curious about the possibilities and how MD Services can help your company with your unique situation? Contact us for original ideas and/or to discuss the possible development of your project. We can be reached by phone +31 35 5234909 or by email, it’s all non-committal.

MD Services Virtual Events