Fair Trade

MD Services believes that action is the most sustainable form of aid for those who need it, but only if it’s visible and fair.

  • Provide opportunities to secondary factories
  • Visibility and responsibility
  • Fair trade
  • A fair price
  • No child labour or forced labour
  • No discrimination
  • Healthy working conditions
  • Strengthen capacity
  • Promotion of fair trade
  • Environmentally friendly

The story behind our products is to create a better world. We want to create buyers, businesses, consumers and organisations who know what they are buying. Realising that we in the west can change things. 

We buy our products from organisations that are aware of fair trade. We want to support work opportunities for the local population. Fair trade means that the products are made under good working conditions and without child labour or exploitation.

Positive and Valuable

Whether it’s a promotional item or just a regular gift, if bought under the Fair Trade Act, it makes it more valuable. It’s not only giving a gift with more value, it’s a gift with a story behind it. You not only make a good impression of yourself, but also of your company. Fairtrade products make for a better world. It’s not only a pleasure to receive a fair trade gift, but it’s also very gratifying to give one. ¬†

MD Services strives not to leave an ecological footprint behind.


By buying and selling fair trade products, MD Services helps to fight poverty.