Who hasn’t bought something online these days??? E-commerce is an ever-growing phenomenon. Participate and offer your product online too!

E-commerce and e-business are not exactly the same
E-commerce and E-business are often confused but do not mean the same thing. E-Business is the complete automation of trading processes. E-commerce is specifically the marketing, sale and distribution of products through online services and other networks.

If you have a webshop and you trade online, you may already be using E-Commerce.

Advantages of e-commerce as opposed to traditional commerce
Advantages of online trading:

  • E-commerce isn’t localised.
  • A customer can visit your webshop without leaving their own home.
  • Distance, accessibility and parking spaces are no problem.
  • Your webshop is accessible worldwide.
  • Online stores have no opening or closing times.

Orders and inquiries can be submitted 24 hours a day. The online retailer sends the orders placed online, resulting in improved efficiency.

Improved efficiency
Outlet stores are no longer needed, increasing efficiency through less staff and less inventory. Any questions can be resolved online.

Greater range?
Storage space is not an issue in the webshop as you can order from your supplier as soon as you receive an order online. This makes for a profitable market.

Opportunities for direct online marketing?
Customers can visit your webshop directly by clicking on the available links and advertisements.

Are you convinced of the benefits of E-Commerce for your company? Then MD Services is the internet partner for you. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities.