MD Services organizes virtual business events

Due to the Corona crisis, many companies have made a (temporary) switch from working in the office to working from home. As a result, the online world has been forced to evaluate something that many saw as impossible. However, every situation has its pros and cons

Employees lack informal communication with their colleagues, and your customers for example organized company events. In view of this, MD Services offers a suitable and unique solution to all companies.

From webcasts and Facebook live streams to full virtual or hybrid events, MD Services and its partners take care it all, anytime, anywhere. On location, or in a virtual studio.
We help clients of almost all sizes set up live streams, webinars, webcasts, virtual and hybrid events. Furthermore, we are able to provide all communication and support it with suitable gadgets and campaign websites.

Recently we co-organized super events for Cisco Systems and Webex. In order to gain an impression, see the campaign websites that we developed: and Through close communication with our team, these “Happy Boxes” can be composed entirely according to your wishes. For hybrid events, these can be delivered to the staff’s home for an optimal experience.

Mutual communication between your employees is also extremely important in order for them to stay in touch. For this we recently set up a fun campaign in cooperation with Danone , where their employees were able to send physical greeting cards to their colleagues. Take a look at this campaign website for inspiration.

Have we made you curious about the possibilities and how MD Services can help your company with your unique situation? Contact us for original ideas and/or to discuss the possible development of your project. We can be reached by phone +31 35 5234909 or by email, it’s all non-committal.

MD Services Virtual Events

MD Services Outdoor Advertising

MD Services promotes your business… but what does this actually mean?

Not only do we organize promotional events, virtual company gatherings, and provide promotional merchandise, we also deliver advertising and promotional materials. These can be used to support your events, however they can also be used to create or support your corporate awareness and presence.

Today in the spotlight: Outdoor advertising

You can create a presence that will definitely stand out! With professional outdoor advertising you attract passers-by. Go for recognizable façade advertising, striking banners or eye-catching sidewalk signs. It is also possible to have cars wrapped or stickered with your artwork.

Curious what opportunities MD Services can offer to your company?

Outdoor promotion MD Services

Our six step approach

With over 20 year’s experience, MD Services provides promotional items, printed textiles and organizes (online) business events for Dutch and international customers. Our business to business problem solving approach provides us with the expertise required to fulfill a wide variety of projects. We help brainstorm in order to find the best possible solution for all promotional related projects.

Our six step approach ensures you leave a lasting impression with your target audience!

1. Vision
Having a good understanding of your requirements, goals and marketing strategies is always the starting point for MD Services.
2. Research
We look for a catchy promotional product within your specified budget, delivery interval, and any other requirements you may have.
3. Proposal
Our proposals are clear and straightforward, including a visual proposal which is crucial to setting expectations.
4. Supervision
Your project is fully supervised and monitored, from start to end. We keep you informed about the progress every step of the way.
5. Delivery
MD Services takes care of any logistical requirements to ensure your order arrives at the right place, at the right time.
6. Aftercare
A follow up is crucial after each project in order to gauge your satisfaction and make adjustments where necessary.

Curious about what possibilities MD Services can offer your company?

An innovative, conscious and sustainable collection at MD Services

This new collection is aimed at continuous development to offer sustainable opportunities in our existing product portfolio. Without forgetting that all products can be personalized in many personalization options.

The new denim collection made of recycled cotton is perfect for all ages and fits any brand.

We are working on expanding our collection with the most innovative products, in order to offer our customers the widest possible range.

~ Durable ~
We contribute to reducing waste and also influence our ecological footprint by adding sustainable new materials, such as oak and organic cotton.

~We contribute to the creation of conscious promotions~
In line with the growing need to pay more attention to responsible production, recycling and reuse of materials, we are constantly investigating how best to approach our product, material, production and printing processes. We are committed to developing a sustainable and responsible collection with which we have an eye for innovative and trendy collection as well as achieving our environmental objectives and at the same time contribute to reducing waste.

Recycle MD Services